US policeman demoted after leaving retired police dog at animal shelter

A cold-hearted police officer from Mississippi has been demoted after his department learned he dumped his retired police dog at an animal shelter, according to new reports. Dog trainer Randy Hare was stunned to learn that Ringo, a drug-sniffing labrador retriever who worked for nine years at the Jackson Police Department, was up for adoption … Continue reading “US policeman demoted after leaving retired police dog at animal shelter”

A cold-hearted police officer from Mississippi has been demoted after his department learned he dumped his retired police dog at an animal shelter, according to new reports.

Dog trainer Randy Hare was stunned to learn that Ringo, a drug-sniffing labrador retriever who worked for nine years at the Jackson Police Department, was up for adoption at the shelter in Madison, WLBT-TV reported.

“I don’t know that there is a word for being both hurt and mad but I was both of them. And I still am,” Hare, who trained Ringo at the Alpha K-9 centre in Jackson, told the local network.

“You just don’t turn your back on something like that that’s been with you for nine years.”

Ringo served the force faithfully for nine years. Picture: FacebookSource:Supplied

According to the New York Post, Ringo, along with his canine colleague, Alpha, had retired from the department in October, police announced on Facebook at the time. They were replaced by two younger dogs, Angel and Nadia.

Ringo, who also worked in search and rescue and tracking, was believed to have been living out his life with his handler, Officer Carl Ellis.

But shelter workers grew suspicious that their new charge was actually a police dog — and enlisted the help of another officer, who alerted Hare of the dog’s whereabouts, the New York Times reported.

Ellis, who was part of the drug investigations squad, was “reassigned to patrol duty,” the Jackson Police Department said in a statement to the Mississippi Clarion Ledger.

“The Jackson Police Department respects and holds our canines with high regard just as we do any other officer within our department,” the statement said.

“They are family, and we do not feel they deserve anything less than a loving home in retirement.”

In wake of the dog debacle, the department enacted new protocols that require welfare checks for active duty and retired police dogs. Ringo’s incident is currently under internal review.

Hare has now adopted Ringo and says he won’t be working with the department going forward.

“Why would he turn his back on the dog and surrender his dog like that?” Hare said to the Times.

“I never dreamt in a thousand years that he would pull this. I thought he would at least call me first and let me help him.”

Retired military and police dogs are protected under “Robby’s Law.” The act, passed in 2000, makes the dogs available for adoption instead of being euthanised, which previously had been common practice.

This story was originally published in the New York Post and is reprinted with permission.

Christmas weather around Australia’s capital cities

Christmas is just around the corner and forecasters are beginning to firm up on their predictions for what the festive weather gods have in store.

It’s been a tumultuous run-up to the Christmas break and some of that instability is still around, said Sky News Weather channel meteorologist Tom Saunders.

“In the lead-up to Christmas, there will be further showers and storms for eastern Australia including Sydney.

“However, that activity will not be as widespread as during last week where we’ve had a massive amount of rain and flash flooding from Hobart all the way to Cape York.”

As Christmas comes around, Santa may have a weather gift in his sack — a welcome window of calm conditions.

“All of the models are predicting a ridge of high pressure for southern Australia for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day,” Mr Saunders said.

Surfing Santas — a classic of the Australian festive genre. Australian professional surfer Connor O’Leary and his friends going for their traditional Christmas Eve surf at Elouera Beach in Cronulla last year. Picture: Jonathan NgSource:News Corp Australia

High-pressure systems generally lead to dry conditions and the sheer size of the ridge means its effects could be felt from Tasmania all the way to southern Queensland and southern Western Australia.

Mr Saunders was willing to take a punt on where it may be the hottest. At this point, the expected position of the ridge could mean South Australia has a very toasty Christmas Day.

It will be wetter in northern Australia, with the remnants of tropical Cyclone Owen still likely to be whipping up some rain.

“Over the next couple of days, Owen will go back north again (towards Cairns) but it’s not expected to develop back into a cyclone,” he said.

“There’s a chance of showers but just regular wet season storms and it won’t be enough rain to cause further flooding.”

In terms of temperatures, more than a week out it can be difficult to make a forecast with any great accuracy. One of the reasons is because of the uncertainty of wind direction and any cool changes that may bubble up in the coming days.

“In Melbourne, for instance, a southerly wind could bring cooler temperatures (from the ocean) while a northerly could bring hot weather from central Australia,” Mr Saunders said.

Christmas Day is looking toasty in the interior but the coasts, although warm, should be manageable with dry conditions. Picture: BSCHSource:Supplied


The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is currently forecasting temperatures until Sunday, December 23.

For that day it has Sydney on a very average high of 23C. US website includes more long-range forecasts. It puts the city at 27C for Christmas Day, but forecasts this far out are liable to change so check again in a few days.

The BOM has Canberra on 24C and cloudy on Sunday with predicting a jump to 32C and sunny on December 25.

It will be partly cloudy and 22C in Melbourne on Sunday with a possibility of 27C and sunny the following Tuesday.

Hobart is 23C and cloudy on Sunday with a similar reading for Christmas Day.

In Adelaide, the forecast is 27C and sunny on Sunday then a high of 31C on Tuesday. For Perth, a hot 33C on Sunday with predicting the same for the big day. It’s the same numbers for Darwin but with possible storms.

Finally Queensland and the BOM has Brisbane on 28C with some showers on Sunday and then the longer range prediction for Christmas Day has almost the same high with sunny spells. Northern Queensland could see very similar conditions but maybe some light rain around the festive break.

So, generally warm and dry for Christmas but, with a few exceptions, not too toasty.

But what if you’re looking for somewhere nice and cold, somewhere with a bit of winter chill for that proper northern Europe Christmas feel?

Mr Saunders has some advice: “It’s always cool on the top of Mt Kosciuszko.”

El Salvador acquits woman charged with murder over premature birth

A judge in El Salvador on Monday acquitted a 20-year-old rape victim originally charged with murder after giving birth prematurely in a toilet.

Imelda Cortez’s daughter survived but the woman was charged with homicide after the baby was found in a septic tank.

It was seen as a landmark case by women’s rights groups in El Salvador, where abortion is completely banned and women can face up to 40 years in prison, even for a miscarriage.

A court in the southeastern city of Usulutan “absolved” Cortez, her defence lawyer Bertha Maria Deleon wrote on Twitter.

A spokesman from the La Casa de Todas feminist group confirmed to AFP that Cortez was “free.”

Cortez fell pregnant to her stepfather, who allegedly raped her repeatedly over a seven-year period.

Imelda Cortez attends a hearing for sentencing. Picture: Marvin Recinos/AFPSource:AFP

Imelda Cortez accompanied by relatives after she was acquitted and released. Picture: Marvin Recinos/AFPSource:AFP

Embraced by relatives. Picture: Marvin Recinos/AFPSource:AFP

She had been in prison for more than a year. Picture: Marvin Recinos/AFPSource:AFP

She has already spent more than a year and a half behind bars awaiting trial. The case took a dramatic turn when prosecutors changed the charge against her from homicide to “abandonment and neglect.”

“We know that Imelda didn’t commit any crime,” one of Cortez’s lawyers, Keyla Caceres told AFP earlier.

The premature birth was discovered after Cortez sought hospital treatment in April 2017 for a haemorrhage.

Doctors examining her took out the placenta.

Cortez said she’d felt something come out of her when using the bathroom. Police and soldiers inspected the septic tank at Cortez’s house and found a crying baby “covered in faeces and white dust,” according to legal authorities.

The baby was taken to hospital and survived.

El Salvador has some of the toughest anti-abortion laws in the world, banning the process even in cases of rape or when a mother’s life is at risk.

Caceres said Cortez was representative of “girls and young adolescents whose human rights are completely violated” by the country’s unforgiving abortion laws.

Protesters shout slogans during a demonstration in support of Imelda Cortez. Picture: Marvin Recinos/AFPSource:AFP

Good Samaritan driver helps couple through floods

A Queensland couple has inadvertently catapulted a good Samaritan truck driver to social media fame after sharing the heartwarming way he helped them through floodwaters.

Emily Clarke and her partner Jay were driving in Proserpine, in Queensland’s Whitsunday Region on Thursday, when a severe storm hit.

In her post, Ms Clarke said the driver, a man named Footie from Melbourne, had “restored my faith in humanity” after he guided them through the storm.

“The water was lapping both sides of the Bruce Highway and in some parts, it was over the road,” Ms Clarke wrote.

“We noticed the truck moving over to the left and I asked Jay, do you think he is pushing the excess water off the road for us?”

Emily Clarke with her partner Jay. Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

Ms Clarke explained Footie started using his indicators to advise them about hazards on the road.

“It was so bad that I could see only his brake lights at one point. It was unsafe to stop so I committed and tucked in behind the truck and he guided me, braking frequently and putting his indicator on the side that there was an upcoming hazard,” she wrote.

The couple followed Footie all the way to a pub just before Mackay where they were finally able to get out of their car and thank him for his help.

“He said ‘I could see more than you, and if you were my family, I would only hope that another truck driver would do that for them’. We offered to buy him a drink and thanked him from the bottom of our hearts for helping keep us safe.

“To all the Footie’s out there on the road looking out for us during this crazy weather and especially at this time of the year when the roads are the busiest, we know you have a job to do but we appreciate you,” Ms Clarke wrote.

The post quickly went viral, amassing more than 40,000 likes on Facebook and being shared close to 13,000 times.

After the huge amount of attention, Footie got in touch with the couple again and said the attention had been “unexpected”.

“With out sounding like a total knob, thanks to everyone, including my beautiful family, friends, and strangers that have commented and may comment and liked / shared the various posts going around. I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the interest,” Footie said.

“It’s honestly nothing I wouldn’t think that any truckie wouldn’t do to try keep people as safe as possible.

“Special thanks for the kind words Clarke family. Merry Christmas to all, and a safe and Happy New Year.”

Internet reduced to tears by young boy’s powerful poem to his bullies

The internet has been reduced to tears after hearing a boy’s poem for the bullies who told him his hair colour was “worse than cancer”.

Alfie Coleiro, 12, from East Sussex, in the United Kingdom was bombarded with cruel messages on social media because of his red hair.

Some even told him to kill himself and that his mother should have never had him, The Sun reports.

But the brave youngster has made a stand and inspired the world, declaring “I’m not gonna blend in when I was born to stand out.”

Alfie Coleiro, 12, wrote a powerful poem to his bullies that has gone viral. He was teased because of his red hair. Source: SWNS/MegaSource:Mega

Alfie’s words have gone viral after he recited his poem on British TV show, This Morning, receiving an outpouring of support on Twitter.

“This little boy has had me in tears, so brave and so strong! Don’t let the bullies win!!” One person said.

“So heartbreaking this kid is being bullied all because of his hair! He’s adorable!!” Another wrote.

#ThisMorning anybody who bullies Alfie will go to hell cowardly shits the lot of them. Alfie u are a star👍

— Mikeh7 (@Mikeh60882356) December 17, 2018

What alovely young man wish l had hair like you .people send loads of money to have hair that colour.well done ALFIE .To stand up to the bullies .#ThisMorning

— mags (@pace_uk) December 17, 2018

#ThisMorning Alfie you are a million times better than the bullies! Your poem is wonderful x what a talented boy you are! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family xx 🎄🎄⭐️⭐️👍👍

— Sue Earnshaw (@SueEarnshaw) December 17, 2018

Others thanked him for raising awareness about how awful bullying can be.

“Thank you so much for discussing the amount of bullying people with red or ginger hair get on a daily basis! I have suffered this myself thank you Alfie.”

“What a beautiful poem, he’s a talented young man,” another declared.

Alfie Coleiro appeared on British TV where he shared the inspiring poem that has left the internet in tears. Source: ITVSource:Supplied

Dad Jay, 35, initially shared the poem on Facebook, writing: “A message to the bullies who told my son to kill himself”.

While Alfie’s mum Nyree, 30, said it was heartbreaking her son was “was subjected to this”.

“It was so much for a 12-year-old to handle. As his mum and dad it killed us knowing he was being put through it.”

She added she was “proud” her son didn’t lose his confidence and was thrilled with the action his school had taken.

His poem has since gone viral, with many calling Alfie “brave”. Source: SWNS/MegaSource:Mega

“His teacher rang me because she had seen the messages — she told me she had cried when she read them,” Nyree said.

“The school has been great. As soon as they found out about the messages they held an assembly for the whole school.”

Thankfully, the mum-of-four said the taunting had now stopped but his inspiring words are now going viral around the world, clocking up hundreds of reactions online.

You can read his full poem below.

Bullying ain’t nice, it ain’t cool.

Just because I am ginger, you’re so so cruel.

Are you really like this? Have you not got anything better to do?

Or are you gonna treat me like gum on the bottom of your shoe?

You’re an idiot — you have made me cry.

But that’s not the case, not even my home is my safe place.

I see the messages and feel like c**p. It’s like I’m stuck in some sort of trap

So I’m not okay, but I will say I’m fine.

I make people happy and people fake their smile. I might be faking mine.

I’ve got love and support, that’s all I need.

Just please own up, please please please.

Don’t be like this, don’t be mean.

Can’t say it to my face so you sit behind a screen.

But I’m gonna carry on with life, do what I wanna do.

Don’t interrupt me anymore, I’m done with you.

So I’m not gonna sit there, cry and freak out.

But without a doubt, I’m not gonna blend in

When I was born to stand out.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

Trucker saves dogs thrown out of moving vehicle onto highway

A pair of beagle mixes are on the mend after authorities say someone threw them out of a moving vehicle on a snowy New York highway.

The dogs were rescued by a passing trucker, but one was so badly mangled that a front leg had to be amputated.

According to the New York Post, on Saturday New York State Police asked for the public’s help in finding the suspect or suspects in the incident. So far, they said, they have no leads.

“These animals have been through a lot and people need to understand that this is not OK,” said Amberly Ondria, shelter manager for the Broome County Humane Society. “This is not something that should be done.”

The trucker told investigators that the dogs were thrown out of the right, rear window of a dirty, rusty Dodge Durango heading north toward Cortland.

State police said the trucker immediately stopped his big rig and brought the dogs to safety, scooping up the one that was severely injured while the other one, unscathed other than a few abrasions, followed on his own.

State troopers bandaged the badly injured dog and splinted his leg on the side of the highway, keeping him warm with a blanket and the trucker’s sweatshirt. Meanwhile, the other dog gobbled half a box of dog biscuits.

The dogs were later renamed Trooper, for the state troopers who aided them and Adam, after the trucker. Trooper is 6 to 8 years old, Ondria said. Adam is about a year old.

Trooper suffered a compound fracture of his distal radius and ulna on the front right leg that was amputated and a hairline fracture of the ulna on the left front leg, as well as broken ribs and contusions to his lungs and shoulder, the humane society said.

Because of the damage to his left leg, Trooper will require assistance getting around and perhaps even a harness to stabilise him, Ondria said.

“He has quite the road to recovery ahead of him,” she said.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was republished with permission.

The hours are long and you don’t get paid, but this could be the best — and cutest — job in Australia

The hours are long and unpredictable, with lots of surprise tasks in the middle of the night and at the crack of dawn, and there’s absolutely no salary.

But this could just be the best — and the cutest — temp job going in Australia.

For the past year, Melbourne social impact strategy consultant Lee Crockford has been a foster dad to Romeo, an adorable Labrador puppy and future seeing eye dog.

The 34-year-old manages all of the canine’s basic training, from toilet use to walking on a lead, and prepares him for stressful environments he will soon routinely encounter.

“It’s like having a regular dog of your own, instilling good behaviours and taking care of them,” Mr Crockford told

“He comes everywhere with me. We go to the gym and do groceries, he comes to the office with me, we go to meetings, out to cafes … he’s my shadow. He gets to come when I travel, jumping on the plane as my travel buddy.”

Lee vividly remembers the first time he met little Romeo, who he says was placid and good-natured from the start.Source:Supplied

A younger Romeo tries on his learner vest.Source:Supplied

Before this opportunity presented itself, Mr Crockford was actually looking for a permanent dog and found a potential furry friend at his local RSPCA shelter.

“But by the time I got approval from the landlord, he had been adopted,” he said.

“Around the same time, I saw something on Facebook about carers for future seeing eye dogs. It ticked a lot of boxes for me — it’s a one-year commitment, they pay for food, medical and equipment. It was a great trial run option for having a dog myself.”

About this time last year, Mr Crockford, director of the social impact organisation Spur, received a text message with a picture of a little golden ball advising that his foster pup was almost ready to come home.

In January, he collected Romeo and the pair became best friends instantly, spending every waking and sleeping moment together.

Lee takes Romeo to work and to meetings.Source:Supplied

As well as standard puppy training, the pair visits a whole host of anxious spaces, from train stations to grocery stores.

“Something like a supermarket is challenging for dogs, “Mr Crockford explained.

“There’s a lot of stimuli — crowds of people, lots of noise, the smell of meat, trolleys, all of those sorts of things. They’re environments that are simple for us as humans and we take it for granted, but they could be quite anxious spaces for dogs.

“They’re going to lead vision impaired people around so they need to be calm and focused in a wide variety of environments.”

They’ve been to parks to experience being around children, in the back of Ubers to get used to car travel and wandered around Bunnings to adjust to a maze-like layout.

Legally, the only places seeing eye dogs aren’t permitted are the kitchen of a restaurant, a hospital operating theatre and the butterfly enclosure at zoos.

“Dogs like to eat butterflies,” Mr Crockford said.

Lee is preparing to hand Romeo back so he can be trained fully as a seeing eye dog.Source:Supplied

From time-to-time, he and Romeo spend time with a certified handler from Seeing Eye Dogs Australia who monitors the progress of both the puppy and the foster dad.

And despite the challenges young dogs pose, Mr Crockford has had a dream experience.

“I think I’ve been really lucky. My handler tells me that when I get a dog in the future, I shouldn’t expect them to be like Romeo. He’s a placid dog and very well-natured.

“He’s been great. He doesn’t bark and in the whole time I’ve had him, I think we’ve only had three toilet accidents. All in all, it’s been amazing.”

The only worrying experience involved a plastic container on a hot summer day, he said.

“He loves to eat ice when it’s hot, so I left him a bucket full while I went to the shops for half an hour. Not even thinking about it, he doesn’t chew things, I came back and he’d eaten the container.

“We spent the next three days at the vet to make sure he passed the plastic without injury.”

Part of foster dad duties includes basic training and familiarisation — and plenty of selfies.Source:Supplied

Lee described the experience as "joyful" and says he’d definitely do it again.Source:Supplied

Everywhere they go, Romeo is the centre of attention and affection.

He has to learn to be in work mode when wearing his harness, so he can’t enjoy too many pats, but once the vest comes off he’s showered in love.

“The best experience is when I go to business meetings and I walk into a board meeting with stern men in suits suddenly drop to their hands and knees playing with this puppy. It’s a good icebreaker.”

Mr Crockford has also enjoyed seeing how Romeo brings out the best in people, particularly those who think he’s an actively working guide dog.

“There are people who aren’t sure if I’m vision impaired so a number of people ask if I want assistance on public transport or with getting my bag at the airport. You see the nice side of humanity as well.”

Lee describes Romeo as like being a live-in best mate.Source:Supplied

Romeo having a rest after a big day.Source:Supplied

At his last check-in with the handler, there was good news for Romeo and sad news for Mr Crockford.

The dog is ready to leave foster care and enter full-time training. In two weeks, their time together will come to an end.

“It’s going to be pretty tough, I think. I’m starting to stockpile the wine now,” Mr Crockford said.

“There was a moment when he was four or five months old when I met a woman who is vision impaired and has a dog. Hearing her talk about how much of a difference a seeing eye dog made to her life was a big, clarifying moment for me.

“I still think I’ll have to lock myself in a dark room for a few days, but I have a really good sense of what it’s all for.”

Despite his fears about having to say goodbye, Mr Crockford said the whole experience had been a joyful one and he’d do it again.

“Not right now, but absolutely in the future. I’ve loved it.”

For information about becoming a puppy carer, visit the Seeing Eye Dogs website.

What a good boy!Source:Supplied

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‘Shaking with anger’: Prada pulls ‘racist’ products amid blackface backlash

Luxury brand Prada has been forced to pull a line of products from stores after it was accused of racism.

The Italian fashion house had stocked toy-style accessories dubbed “Pradamalia”, which featured black monkeys with red lips, and had been compared to blackface.

The brand initially issued an apology, saying the design was a “fantasy” and had not intended to be racist.

It then said it would “withdraw the characters in question from display and circulation”, adding that Prada “abhors racist imagery”.

We are committed to creating products that celebrate the diverse fashion and beauty of cultures around the world. We’ve removed all Pradamalia products that were offensive from the market and are taking immediate steps to learn from this.

Full press release attached.

— PRADA (@Prada) December 16, 2018

“The Pradamalia are fantasy charms composed of elements of the Prada oeuvre,” a statement from Prada said.

Prada has pulled a line of figurines that resembled blackface from its stores. Picture: Chinyere Ezie/FacebookSource:Supplied

“They are imaginary creatures not intended to have any reference to the real world and certainly not blackface.”

“Prada Group never had the intention of offending anyone and we abhor all forms of racism and racist imagery.”

A statement posted on Prada’s Twitter continued: “We are committed to creating products that celebrate the diverse fashion and beauty of cultures around the world.”

“We’ve removed all Pradamalia products that were offensive from the market and are taking immediate steps to learn from this.”

Prada’s Soho store had stocked the racially insensitive accessories. Picture: BRAZIL PHOTO PRESSSource:AFP

The Pradamalia line had drawn criticism from shoppers and civil rights advocates, including New York-based civil rights lawyer Chinyere Ezie who said she was “shaking with anger”.

“History cannot continue to repeat itself. Black America deserves better. And we demand better,” Ezie said, according to The Guardian.

“This all could have been prevented had there been more diverse voices and more diverse people at the table.”

Prada has been embroiled in a racism controversy over its ‘Pradamalia’ product line. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

Prada is not the first fashion brand to be accused of racism. Dolce & Gabbana was recently slammed for racially offensive posts on its social media accounts.

It all started on November 17, when a series of short video advertisements for a D & G event planned to be staged in China were posted online.

The first video featured a Chinese model in a sequined red dress trying — and failing — to eat pizza with chopsticks.

The backlash came in swift on Chinese social media, with thousands of Weibo users complaining that the videos were racist and belittled Chinese culture.

Miss Australia Francesca Hung misses out on top 10 spot at Miss Universe pageant

Miss Universe pageant has kicked off in Bangkok with Miss Philippines contestant – and a once Queensland resident – taking out the crown for 2018.

According to the Cairns Post, the 24-year-old first started working on her modelling career while still at Trinity Anglican School in Cairns, and has since moved to the Philippines and worked as a model and a pop singer.

Her new song, We’re in this Together, has beaten Ariana Grande into the top spot on iTunes in the Philippines.

Ms Gray beat out South Africa finalist Tamaryn Green for the crown. Ms Green was crowned first runner-up.

The women who made it through to the final round included Vietnam, Venezuela, Philippines, Costa Rica, Curacao, Nepal, Canada, Thailand and Puerto Rico. Miss Australia’s contestant Francesca Hung missed out on a top 10 spot.

Catriona Gray of the Philippines has won Miss Universe 2018. Picture: Lillian SUWANRUMPHA / AFP.Source:AFP

The three-hour show began at 11am (AEDT) with US singer Ne-Yo performing his hit Nights Like These, accompanied by drummers in red traditional Thai costumes and women in golden outfits performing a Thai dance.

American comedian and television personality Steve Harvey then began hosting the show on the stage, making a joke about Thai food being “hot as hell”.

Being held for the 67th year, the competition is taking place in Bangkok for the third time.

Ms Hung was the last contestant to make it in the Top 20, but sadly missed out on the final 10.

Some of the contestants at the Miss Universe 2018 competition in Bangkok. Picture: Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP)Source:AFP

“Ah did you have to make me last — so nervous,” she said as Harvey called her name to join the 19 other girls.

“That’s a tough spot, last. I’ve been last a lot. Well you’re here,” Harvey responded before putting Ms Hung on the spot.

“Okay, listen to me, in your bio it says that you like to tell jokes, is that true?”

He handed a hesitant Ms Hung the mike, asking for one joke before reminding her she’s on national TV.

Miss Philippines Catriona Gray has won Miss Universe 2018. (AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe)Source:AP

“Thanks Steve, but it is your day and I don’t want to steal your thunder, however … an optimist and a pessimist met in a bar. The pessimist said, “oh things just couldn’t get any worse” and the optimist said “no, of course it can”.”

After an awkward pause Ms Hung continued: “I said I could tell jokes, I never said they would be good.”

A confused Harvey said it would have helped if he knew what either term meant.

Also missing out of the Top 10 was Sarah Rose Summer of Miss USA who recently got slammed for publicly mocking non-English speaking contestants Miss Vietnam and Miss Cambodia during an Instagram Live session.

Ms Hung who was also caught up in the drama apologised for her involvement. She posted a photograph on Instagram of herself with the Cambodian contestant, claiming the whole situation had been “misconstrued.”

Miss Puerto Rico Kiara Ortega made it in to the Top 5. Picture: AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe.Source:AP

Francesca Hung of Australia competes in the swimsuit competition during the 2018 Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok. Picture: Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP.Source:AFP

Francesca Hung missed out on a top 10 spot. Picture: Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP.Source:AFP

“I’m so upset that this situation has been misconstrued like this … We were merely saying it must be even more difficult at times not to have a single other delegate being able to speak (Khmer) … which in fact, makes Nat (Miss Cambodia) an even stronger contender (to win the title),” the 24-year-old sociology graduate wrote.

H’Hen Nie who represents Vietnam made it to the Top 5 alongside, Miss Philippines who won the competition, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss South Africa and Miss Venezuela.

The Thai capital last hosted the pageant in 2005 when Russian-born Canadian Natalie Glebova won the title.

This year’s pageant saw the first ever transgender contestant, Miss Spain.

Angela Ponce, 27, was born anatomically male but has since transitioned to being female. She has said she would use the title to campaign for children who question their gender identity.

-with AP

Francesca Hung wins Miss Universe Australia 20180:44

24-year-old model is a University of Sydney sociology graduate Francesca Hung has taken out the winning crown at the 2018 Miss Universe Australia pageant.

  • June 29th 2018
  • 6 months ago
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Women are spending more than $1700 on blood injections to help with orgasms

WHEN it comes to orgasms — or lack of them — many women suffer in silence.

Many factors, from fatigue and mental illness to menopause, can lead to women not being able to climax.

But many are now turning to a revolutionary injection which costs an eye-watering $AU1700 in order to boost their orgasms.

The O-shot or O-boost claims to increase lubrication, stimulation of the clitoris and libido and improve female climax.

As an added bonus, it can also help with stress urinary incontinence, or bladder weakness, which is a common problem for women who have given birth.

The procedure works by taking blood from the patient’s arm and then spinning it in a centrifuge to “activate” them and produce “high quality” Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

It is injected into the area below the urethra and into the vaginal wall.

The procedure works by taking blood from the patient’s arm and then spinning it in a centrifuge to “activate” them and produce “high quality” Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).Source:Supplied

Dr Sherif Wakil, who offers the treatment at his Harley Street clinic in London, told The Independent: “The PRP generated in the centrifuge contains cell regenerating growth factors which, when injected into the vagina, trigger stem cells to increase blood flow and generate healthy tissue growth as well as (helping to) improve the vascularization of the area.”

The doctor has treated over 2000 women and says the new treatment is a much-needed boost.

The main reason for the procedure was to treat women who used to have orgasms and now do not, or are experiencing urinal incontinence or lichen sclerosis — a condition which affects the skin of the genitalia.

He said: “The rise of non-surgical genital rejuvenation, in general, has increased a lot due to the advanced technology that is now present and patients now started to be informed but we are still in a very early stage.

“The fact that women finally heard about a treatment that can at least help them regain some of their sensitivity as there was nothing at all in the market for that.”

The doctor has treated over 2000 women and says the new treatment is a much-needed boost.Source:istock

Dr Naomi McCullen from Sydney-based surgery The Manse Clinic said the shot can help with sexual wellbeing as well as stress urinary incontinence.

She told the Daily Mail: “One to two treatments are necessary to begin with and can be repeated once yearly after that.”

However, not everyone is a fan and some experts say the science behind the procedure was unproven.

Writing on her own website, gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter said: “There are no studies at all suggesting the O-shot improves orgasm or sexual function.

“There is no animal or human data suggesting it is safe to inject in vaginal epithelium or into the clitoris.

This article originally appeared on The Sun was republished here with permission.